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Psychedelics are a subset of hallucinogenic drugs that cause specific auditory, visual, and psychological changes. These chemicals bind to serotonin receptors in the brain, which moderate the activity of key circuits involved with cognition and sensory perception. The experience with psychedelic drugs is often compared to non-regular forms of consciousness, such as those experienced in meditation. The stigma associated with this chemical, coupled with legal barriers, has made scientific study more challenging. However, extensive research has shown that psychedelic drugs are physiologically safe for consumption and do not pose any addiction threat. They can be used to treat various medical conditions, and you can easily access them right here at our online store.

What products you can get at our online psychedelic store

There’s no denying the fact that the sales and distribution of hallucinogens are restricted based on a higher possibility of substance abuse. However, you can easily order psychedelics online from our store, as we bring you a broad spectrum of products under one roof. Some of them include:

  • 2-DPMP. This clinically tested drug is indicated for the treatment of depression and narcolepsy. It also acts as a cognitive enhancer and may even facilitate quicker recovery from anesthesia.
  • 4-Aco-DMT. It is a structural analog of tryptamine known for its short duration of action, intense effects, and rapid onset. Effects may last up to 3 hours when ingested orally.
  • Alprazolam. It is a short-acting tranquilizer that is most commonly used in the short-term management of generalized anxiety disorder, insomnia, and chemotherapy-induced nausea. The drug works by binding to GABA receptors in the central nervous system and modulating its function.
  • Penta-fentanyl. It is an analog of fentanyl that belongs to a class of drugs called opioid analgesics, which work best in cases of breakthrough cancer pain. It can also be used intravenously to induce anesthesia.
  • Diphenidine. It is a dissociative anesthetic with ketamine-like effects at moderate doses and can also be used to treat neurotoxic injury.

We adhere to the highest possible quality standards when it comes to offering over-the-counter psychedelics. Our experienced team has a clear understanding of the ingredients used in these chemicals, and we discard any product that fails to meet safety guidelines.

Where to get cheap psychedelic drugs without any restrictions

Despite a push towards the legalization of psychedelics throughout the world, many countries are still tracking their circulation strictly. It can be difficult to access such drugs even for therapeutic use. At Chemical Shop, we created a platform where people can buy psychedelics online without having to go under scrutiny. Unlike the pot dealers of the grey market, we do not deal with substandard products that pose serious health risks. Furthermore, we educate our customers to use these drugs responsibly. We build customer relationships on trust and will never compromise your safety for a one-sided profit. If you want to ask questions, we always welcome you to connect with us for a chat! Rest assured your misconception will be cleared!


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2-DPMP (desoxypipradrol, 2-benzhydrylpiperidine, 2-phenylmethylpiperidine) and D2PM (diphenyl-2-pyrrolidin-2-yl-methanol, diphenylprolinol) are psychoactive substances, sold primarily over the Internet and in ‘head’ shops as ‘legal highs’, ‘research chemicals’ or ‘plant food’.



2-Oxo-PCM is known as a dissociative anesthetic and is sometimes called Deschloroketamine, DCK or DXE. 2-Oxo-PCM online is offered as a designer substance for fungal, protozoal, viral and bacterial infections. It is also offered as a medical agent for immunomodulation if taken in small doses daily (2 mg).



Alprazolam 0.5 MG Tablet is used to treat panic disorders and anxiety, like unexpected extreme fear and tension due to stress. It is recommended to start with a small dosage and increase it gradually. Do not stop taking this medicine suddenly as it may cause withdrawal symptoms like seizures, aggressive behavior, blurred vision, etc.



2-Fluorodeschloroketamine (also known as 2-Fl-2′-Oxo-PCMFluoroketamine and 2-FDCK) is a dissociative anesthetic. It is an analogue of ketamine where the chlorine group has been replaced by fluorine.

buy 4-Aco-DMT (10g) online


4-AcO-DMT (or psilacetin) is a semi-synthetic tryptamine closely related to the “magic mushroom” molecules psilocin and psilocybin. Like psilocybin, it appears to be metabolized by the body into psilocin.

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Viagra is a drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, which acts on the natural mechanisms of erection. It is used in men suffering from erectile dysfunction of various origins. Sildenafil is a selective inhibitor of cGMP-specific phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5).



Buy Diphenidine Online (1-(1,2-diphenylethyl)piperidine) is a dissociative NMDA receptor antagonist and anesthetic of the diarylethylamine class that has been sold online as a research chemical.

Diphenidine (10g) = $180



Etizolam is a thienodiazepine which is chemically related to benzodiazepine (BDZ) drug class; it differs from BDZs in having a benzene ring replaced with a thiophene ring. It is an agonist at GABA-A receptors and possesses amnesic, anxiolytic, anticonvulsant, hypnotic, sedative and skeletal muscle relaxant properties. Initially introduced in 1983 in Japan as treatment for neurological conditions such as anxiety and sleep disorders, etizolam is marketed in Japan, Italy and India. It is not approved for use by FDA in the US; however it remains unscheduled in several states and is legal for research purposes. Contact online customer service for price list

Etizolam 60 pill (1mg) = $250



Flubromazepam is a designer benzodiazepine drug structurally related to Phenazepam ; a drug used in the treatment of neurological disorders such as epilepsy, alcohol withdrawal and insomnia. Phenazepam can also be used as a premedication before surgery as it augments the effects of anesthetics and reduces anxiety.

Flubromazepam (20g) = $240

Flubromazepam (50g) = $490



Furanylfentanyl (Fu-F) [also_named Fu-F) is very similar with .

The physiological and toxicological properties of this compound are not known. This product is intended for forensic and research applications.

Furanylfentanyl (10g) =200




5-MeO-MiPT is a psychedelic in the tryptamine class. It’s uncommon relative to LSD and psilocin, but it has been used for a couple of decades. It’s not a very visual substance at common doses. Instead, it’s known for producing greater tactile, bodily, and sexual effects than other psychedelics.  5-MeO-MiPT  50g =  $320

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